The *Perfect* Birthday Present

Jan 5, 2015 by

My birthday is coming up. January 8th I start looking forward to my birthday every year on the 9th – I love it. I make a point to have a good time and set myself up for delight – choosing my clothes, breakfast, and day’s activities in advance to celebrate the fact that God has...

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Resolutions for the Improving Catholic

Dec 30, 2014 by

  A NEW YEAR! Nothing gives hope like a blank slate and this, the beginning of 2015, offers every chance for improvement that I could possibly hope for. Like any fresh-start-revering American, I fantasize about pursuing health, purging our house of excess, and finally running a half...

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Dec 28, 2014 by

  Thank you for your support, emails, and patience during my maternity “leave.” Please know that I pray for all of my readers – that you will be blessed with joyful acceptance of God’s will and zeal for the pursuit of it. Please pray for our family! Merry Christmas...

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WoWW: What Breaks a Marriage

Oct 29, 2014 by

We are THAT Family is one of my favorite blogs. What Kristen says is not new, but like all biblically based advice on marriage, it bears repeating. And repeating. I’m grateful this was delivered right to my inbox and into my soul. _______________________________________________________ 2...

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#RespectLife means your kids too

Oct 23, 2014 by

I was in the carpool line at my boys’ preschool to pick up my oldest two. Without fail, my three-year-old gets 150% excited every time I arrive. “MAMA!!! I’m so glad to see you!!” he squealed with a tiny, tight hug as I buckled him and his big brother hurriedly, knowing the...

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