Prepare [your soul] for Take-Off

  I’m a chicken. A big one. I need the saints – imperfect people who made it – fought the good fight and live eternally to tell the tale. Their struggles and victories are astounding because they had the wherewithal and humility to accept God’s grace and call to holiness. I love rediscovering St. Francis […]

the Glory of our humble offerings

It was Sunday evening at 5:30 Mass. I skimmed the first and second readings beforehand, but didn’t get to the gospel. As Father began, I caught my breath and smiled. The loaves and the fishes, one of my favorites.  I stood in the pew ready to soak it in: a gospel story that speaks to God making […]

WoW Wednesday: The NFP Edition

It’s Natural Family Planning Awareness Week and I tell you what – in our house, we’re all too aware of NFP. It’s downright one of the most meticulous, tangly aspects of our marriage and at the same time one of God’s greatest blessings – a tool that enables us to follow his design for marriage and family. […]

I was 12 when I fell for him

We hadn’t met. I hadn’t seen his face or heard his name. We wouldn’t go on a date for another 7 years, but I was just 12 years old when I fell for Andrew. As a kid, I was perpetually wide-eyed and open-eared to my big sister Jen. Whatever she said was gold and I took […]

Interview on The Right Heart Podcast!

Head on over to The Right Heart Podcast today where my BBF (Best Blogging Friend) Erin Franco and I chat about Andrew’s and my financial challenges in our marriage – wisdom we received at the start, failures, and why giving is so so important to the heart of every marriage. I’m thrilled to have been a guest […]

Monday Morning with the Saints {no. 1 – Aquinas}

  You asked and you got it – a few readers who took my survey weeks ago indicated that they wanted more Bible verses and more wisdom from the Saints. I can’t tell you how perfect this particular request was because I’ve wanted to dive deep into Scripture and grow in friendship with the Church Triumphant. […]

A verse and a prayer for The Fourth

“America the Beautiful” is one of my favorites for today. It’s a prayer offered that America will be preserved in virtue by God’s grace; that America will have self-control and freedom within the law. It’s so easy to take a look around and be discouraged by the world – war, abortion, and a hedonistic culture – […]