A verse and a prayer for The Fourth

“America the Beautiful” is one of my favorites for today. It’s a prayer offered that America will be preserved in virtue by God’s grace; that America will have self-control and freedom within the law. It’s so easy to take a look around and be discouraged by the world – war, abortion, and a hedonistic culture – […]

Eyes on the Prize – Thoughts on the SCOTUS Ruling

Friday was… eye-widening. I won’t dive into how the SCOTUS can’t legally do what they did, or casually mention that our very physical makeups are totally and completely oriented toward “bonding and babies” so no other union participates in God’s plan for creation, or the fact that Facebook has blown up in obnoxious, heated debate. I […]

Financial & Marital Peace radio interview

There’s such a thrill to being the only one awake. It’s 4:30 and I just put the baby back down to sleep. It’s tempting to stay up and start the day in this kind of peace, knowing I’ll be a total zombie by 9 if I do, but Jesus and coffee sustain, right?? I know […]

Old Fashioned is OUT on DVD!

I was thrilled when Carmel Communications contacted me – “Will you watch and review Old Fashioned?” they asked. “A love story built on solid ground?” Sign me up! It was early this year when producer Nathan Nazario emailed me the online preview of his film. Set to release alongside 50 Shades of Grey, Old Fashioned […]

Three Rock-Solid Catholic Kids’ Books

Our family is developing a love affair with books, especially for the kids. We’re in a stage of binge reading and I’m also big into using them as a bribe when the fellas want to turn on the tube. I try collecting classics for them – books like Corduroy, Harry the Dirty Dog, and Little […]


  I’m excited. New ideas and projects have emerged for The Catholic Wife; dreams once played to the tune of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” are sounding a little more “Here Comes the Sun” and I’m thrilled for what God will do with it all.  Here’s what’s coming up: 1) Time for a facelift! Within the next few […]

The Heavenly Power in Fathers

We have a while before Father’s Day, but I’m reflecting a little early. It was one year ago today when we learned our newest little bundle was made of Sugar and Spice. The delights and nuances of the father-daughter relationship are new in our house. Our daughter (I still can’t believe I get to use […]

When God Asks You to Dance

Michelle left a comment on a recent post. Excited to hear from a new-to-me blogger, I followed the trail to her site “Give Him 5″ and found encouragement for my roller-coaster prayer life. I scrolled through her blog and found this gem – perfect for those seasons when conversation with God is awkward and uncertain. […]

Mrs. Minimalist – A Different Way to say Thank You

It’s PURGE WEEK (all caps because it’s that intense): that blissful institution of evaluating, purging, organizing, donating, and delighting in new space in our little house. I’m a growing minimalist (oxymoron?), drawn to a sort of material and temporal simplicity. It’s during PURGE WEEK that I methodically approach each room and evaluate what can stay and what’s no longer […]