Why I Don’t Hate NFP Anymore

  by Erin Franco at Humble Handmaid   I used to hate NFP. I hated waking up to take my temperature every morning. Later, the rainbow of special stickers to keep track of, and having to fold the toilet paper every single time into those neat, flat layers of tissue. The charts that became such a […]

How my husband handled my past

Our wedding was a long way off. We were having one of those meaningful conversations that lasted for hours; the kind that changed our whole relationship – our dynamic, our regard for each other, and the very context of how we would work together in the years ahead. We were completely open and honest, baring our souls a […]

Prepare [your soul] for Take-Off

  I’m a chicken. A big one. I need the saints – imperfect people who made it – fought the good fight and live eternally to tell the tale. Their struggles and victories are astounding because they had the wherewithal and humility to accept God’s grace and call to holiness. I love rediscovering St. Francis […]

I was 12 when I fell for him

We hadn’t met. I hadn’t seen his face or heard his name. We wouldn’t go on a date for another 7 years, but I was just 12 years old when I fell for Andrew. As a kid, I was perpetually wide-eyed and open-eared to my big sister Jen. Whatever she said was gold and I took […]

Interview on The Right Heart Podcast!

Head on over to The Right Heart Podcast today where my BBF (Best Blogging Friend) Erin Franco and I chat about Andrew’s and my financial challenges in our marriage – wisdom we received at the start, failures, and why giving is so so important to the heart of every marriage. I’m thrilled to have been a guest […]

Eyes on the Prize – Thoughts on the SCOTUS Ruling

The recent Supreme Court ruling was… eye-widening. I won’t dive into how the SCOTUS can’t legally do what they did, or casually mention that male and female bodies are totally and completely oriented toward “bonding and babies” so no other union participates in God’s plan for creation, or the fact that Facebook has blown up in obnoxious, […]