Interview on The Right Heart Podcast!

Head on over to The Right Heart Podcast today where my BBF (Best Blogging Friend) Erin Franco and I chat about Andrew’s and my financial challenges in our marriage – wisdom we received at the start, failures, and why giving is so so important to the heart of every marriage. I’m thrilled to have been a guest […]

Financial & Marital Peace radio interview

There’s such a thrill to being the only one awake. It’s 4:30 and I just put the baby back down to sleep. It’s tempting to stay up and start the day in this kind of peace, knowing I’ll be a total zombie by 9 if I do, but Jesus and coffee sustain, right?? I know […]

Financial & Marital Peace

After years of scrimping, countless setbacks, and a handful of slip-ups, Andrew and I recently hit a major financial milestone in our marriage – completing an emergency fund by setting aside enough cash to equate three months of bare-bones expenses. I can hardly articulate the peace and sheer bliss that took over once the last […]

Frugal February: Practical Tips for the Temptation to $pend

Happy Frugal February everybody! It’s our annual “celebration” of reining in impulses and money in an effort to return to being excellent stewards of our cash. December involves extra shopping anyway, and January almost always has some residual financial looseness from Christmas expenses. Plus, with my birthday just two weeks after Jesus’s, it’s easy to […]

WoWW: Big Hits of 2013

Checking over my site stats, I wanted to know which posts you thought were the best, which ones you shared, which ones got the most attention and here they are! The Top 5 posts of 2013! Thank you for reading and your fantastic support! #5  Antidotes for the Green-Eyed: How to Handle Jealousy …envy glorifies […]

Christmas Shop with The Catholic Wife!

Hey Readers! Check out the new Christmas Shopping corner on The Catholic Wife, highlighting two of my favorite sites, Ebates and Amazon. Ebates! Sign up with Ebates for free to receive a percentage back of your online shopping. Since creating my account a couple years ago, I’ve earned $150+ cash back. Regardless if your budget […]

Giving Time over STUFF

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s blow by in a hurried hustle. Even outside of the holidays, kids, teens, husbands, and wives are constantly on the go, on the phone, and operating frantically on the fly. While it’s ideal to slow down and savor the moment in the midst of holiday preparations, for some it’s just […]

The Dave Ramsey Approach – Good for Any-Sized Family

Crisis Magazine published an article on Friday entitled “Of Dave Ramsey, Babies, and Birth Control” in which contributor Richard Becker asserts that the Dave Ramsey approach to finances “is not for childbearing Catholic couples who take the teaching of the Church seriously.” Basically Becker’s argument, based on a citation from The Dave Ramsey [Radio] Show, […]