Advice for a Blushing Bride

My best friend Erin is GETTING MARRIED!!!! By the time this post goes out, she will have been engaged for just over 12 hours and will undoubtedly still be glowing in the sparkle of her diamond. The world of wedding and marriage prep is a vast one and so I’m asking you, fabulous readers, to […]

WoWW: What Breaks a Marriage

We are THAT Family is one of my favorite blogs. What Kristen says is not new, but like all biblically based advice on marriage, it bears repeating. And repeating. I’m grateful this was delivered right to my inbox and into my soul. _______________________________________________________ 2 AM. I was wide awake tossing and turning. Terrell asked what was […]

The Key to Closeness with Christ

This Lent I’ve been receiving daily reflections from Fr. Robert Barron. This one just HIT me right in the soul – the most valuable things worth pursuing have nothing to do with wealth and acquiring more stuff. Read the excerpt from Fr. Barron and click Continue for the rest. They are some of the harshest, […]

WoWW: Fr. Barron on the Childfree Life, Spiritual Dryness

Fr. Robert Barron makes a fantastic, one-way spiritual director. I would love a regular meeting with him because I’m sure he would provide merciful, firm insight to my faith life and soul. The star of this week’s Words of Wisdom, Fr. Barron offers comment on the elected childfree life (i.e. one not connected to infertility) […]