How my husband handled my past

Our wedding was a long way off. We were having one of those meaningful conversations that lasted for hours; the kind that changed our whole relationship – our dynamic, our regard for each other, and the very context of how we would work together in the years ahead. We were completely open and honest, baring our souls a […]

I was 12 when I fell for him

We hadn’t met. I hadn’t seen his face or heard his name. We wouldn’t go on a date for another 7 years, but I was just 12 years old when I fell for Andrew. As a kid, I was perpetually wide-eyed and open-eared to my big sister Jen. Whatever she said was gold and I took […]

Featured Post: Mourning the Loss of My Priesthood

Andrew posted this yesterday to Truth & Charity. Though I knew his vocation story beforehand (since I am blessed to actually be his vocation), it was moving to read his thoughts on not only saying Yes to me, marriage, and children, but also No to Holy Orders and the administration of the Sacraments. I’ve heard before […]

Sit down and serve your spouse

In our house, I’m the yard person. I cut the grass, trim the hedges, spruce and primp, and I’m unstoppable with a leaf blower. My childhood Saturdays were spent on the lawn in some way and in spite of how arduous it seemed then, tending the outside is my favorite household chore now. I’m no […]

The Thorn in My Side & the Plank in My Eye

I’m aware that I have controlling tendencies. I like things the way I like them – my house neat and uncluttered, my food condiments on the side, my boys napping on schedule. A place for everything and everything in its place. I’d love to think that I’m a flexible person, casual and cool, but I’m […]