Eyes on the Prize – Thoughts on the SCOTUS Ruling

The recent Supreme Court ruling was… eye-widening. I won’t dive into how the SCOTUS can’t legally do what they did, or casually mention that male and female bodies are totally and completely oriented toward “bonding and babies” so no other union participates in God’s plan for creation, or the fact that Facebook has blown up in obnoxious, […]

Three Rock-Solid Catholic Kids’ Books

Our family is developing a love affair with books, especially for the kids. We’re in a stage of binge reading and I’m also big into using them as a bribe when the fellas want to turn on the tube. I try collecting classics for them – books like Corduroy, Harry the Dirty Dog, and Little […]

Financial & Marital Peace

After years of scrimping, countless setbacks, and a handful of slip-ups, Andrew and I recently hit a major financial milestone in our marriage – completing an emergency fund by setting aside enough cash to equate three months of bare-bones expenses. I can hardly articulate the peace and sheer bliss that took over once the last […]

The Holy Blaze of Real Romantic Passion

I relish in St. Valentine’s Day – my favorite non-Christmas holiday the whole year long. It’s a spark of warmth in winter’s chill; a day culturally dedicated to romance. With all the hype about V-Day, the upcoming release of 50 Shades, the chase for surfacey romance and infatuation, do we even know what passion is […]

Introducing The Family Friendly Aisle Campaign

The Family Friendly Aisle Campaign is a new effort born in Lincoln, Nebraska, where two moms have asked that magazine covers featuring sexual or immodest images be concealed from consumers’ eyes, especially to protect the innocence of children. Its mission is protect families by holding retailers responsible for sexually explicit magazines located in their check-outs. […]

The *Perfect* Birthday Present

My birthday is coming up. January 8th I start looking forward to my birthday every year on the 9th – I love it. I make a point to have a good time and set myself up for delight – choosing my clothes, breakfast, and day’s activities in advance to celebrate the fact that God has […]

Resolutions for the Improving Catholic

  A NEW YEAR! Nothing gives hope like a blank slate and this, the beginning of 2015, offers every chance for improvement that I could possibly hope for. Like any fresh-start-revering American, I fantasize about pursuing health, purging our house of excess, and finally running a half marathon; but the best I can do this […]

Marital Respect during Pro-Life Month

Happy National Respect Life Month! If there’s any assembly in the world ready to stand for life from conception to natural death, it’s Catholics. We share articles, pray before clinics, and organize events for the noblest of causes. It’s an uphill battle going against societal norms, but one that must be taken on by courageous […]