Prepare [your soul] for Take-Off

  I’m a chicken. A big one. I need the saints – imperfect people who made it – fought the good fight and live eternally to tell the tale. Their struggles and victories are astounding because they had the wherewithal and humility to accept God’s grace and call to holiness. I love rediscovering St. Francis […]

Glory Be to Whom?

I’m a big Garth Brooks fan. I was 4 when “Friends in Low Places” came out and that has been my favorite song for as long as I can remember. My dad and I collected all the Garth albums and I jumped at the chance to see him live in 2007. I was absolutely beside myself – after […]

Dusting Off Ambition

A new post is overdue. I’m a big project starter. I LOVE projects – in school I loved them and now I love them in my home; but when it comes to keeping up with a personal project, I’m typically a lit match: quick to flare up, quick to burn out. For years I’ve maintained […]