Angelic Sweetness

I have a spiritual accountability partner (henceforth referred to as SAP). Like many souls, my drive and motivation tend to fluctuate and I can’t tell you how this girl helps keep my heart above water. We check up on each other every few weeks and though our discussion frequently strays from the spiritual to the […]

When the Goin’ Gets Tough

People are such babies when they’re sick. It drives me bananas. When a person cancels an event, calls into work, or lays around all day just because of a little sniffle, you bet I’m the first one to think (not say), “Toughen up! Grab a cough drop and get back to work!”  What a hypocrite. I haven’t been […]

Liam on a Jet Plane

I’m back! Last week Liam and I flew to Omaha to visit my family and to enjoy a week of vacation in my hometown. Let me tell you, I didn’t even know I needed a vacation until I was gone. It was astonishing how relaxed I felt being away; though I’m not sure what it […]