Why I Don’t Hate NFP Anymore

  by Erin Franco at Humble Handmaid   I used to hate NFP. I hated waking up to take my temperature every morning. Later, the rainbow of special stickers to keep track of, and having to fold the toilet paper every single time into those neat, flat layers of tissue. The charts that became such a […]

WoW Wednesday: Blogger Spotlight Edition

In no particular order, it’s time to shine the light on some of the best and brightest in the Catholic blogosphere. 1) The Radical Life by Matthew Warner If any blog started with a bang, it was this one. Matthew Warner’s The Radical Life is a successful, simple testament to what Christian living looks like. […]

Guest Post: My Husband Isn’t My Girlfriend

by Erin Franco, writer at Humble Handmaid I am married to my best friend. But he is a special kind of best friend. Michael isn’t one of my girl friends–he’s my husband. I need to remember that more often. The Bible tells husbands that they are called to give themselves up for their wives as Christ gave […]

WoW Wednesday! The Need for Community, Don’t Compare Yourself to Others, Why Guys Should Consider Tying the Knot, & More!

Erin’s thoughts on Young Families & the Need for Community are reflective and constructive. She’s grateful for the group of friends she and her husband have, not just because they’re great company, but because they’re supportive company. Her post is full of practical tips on how to be a blessing for your friends and acquaintances […]

The Voice of God in the Voice of My Neighbors

God speaks through others; through saints, through the Mass, through His holy priests, and as my husband recently reminded me, through people we encounter in the day to day. This last one is particularly important because though I expect to hear God through saints, the Mass, etc., the last place I look to find His word […]

Upon this Rock I Will Build My Friendships

I love the Catholic Church. I just came home from a refreshing dinner with my Bible Study. Our group meets in the fall and spring, so I have been looking forward to this mid-summer reunion for months now and I’m still grinning even hours after we all parted. Every woman in this study is a […]

The Thorn in My Side & the Plank in My Eye

I’m aware that I have controlling tendencies. I like things the way I like them – my house neat and uncluttered, my food condiments on the side, my boys napping on schedule. A place for everything and everything in its place. I’d love to think that I’m a flexible person, casual and cool, but I’m […]