Reaping Grace from a Generous Sower

______________________________________________________________________   FACT #1: Life is easier when I decide to be happy. FACT #2: Misery abounds when I pick discontentment over joy. I don’t know what my gig was – maybe I felt like the only human trapped in the monkey house, maybe I need more time in prayer (…not maybe) – but I […]

Mary’s “Yes” to Pain

Mary is a mystery. After eager anticipation and hearing reviews abuzz with enthusiasm, I saw Mary of Nazareth last night. While I admittedly had some reservations about the film from a production standpoint (looking at editing, script, looping, and acting only; separating these from the story itself) at a certain point I dropped the Siskel-and-Ebert […]

Praise God! (or I love me.)

I make no secret of the fact that I’m crazy about my husband. That he’s sweet, hilarious, or that we’re in love. Andrew and I are the best of friends and he’s my favorite person on the face of the earth for a whole SLEW of reasons. … don’t worry, I won’t list them. I don’t think […]

Poultry & Devout Catholicism

I’m a chicken. A big one. I’m lately digging into the spiritual readings of the saints. Reading The Rule of St. Benedict and Mother Teresa’s Humility List has been a big wake-up call. Despite the fact that life has been movin’ right along, I have gotten myself into a bit of a rut of spiritual inaction; but, […]

Fighting the “Look at me!” Tendency

Sometimes I can just hear God speaking straight to my soul: “Katie, repeat after me, ‘I am not the center of the universe.’” What feels like eons ago, I wrote a post applying Mother Teresa’s humility list to the married/domestic life (a revamped list COMING SOON); but follow-through has been a big ol’ struggle for […]

WoW Wednesday: The Papal Edition

I could make a whole litany of qualities I just love about Pope Francis – his obvious humility, his solidarity with the poor, his outspokenness and presence are already making his new papacy a memorable one. Because His Holiness makes headlines EVERY. DAY. he’s pretty tough to ignore, even for non-Catholics. God is clearly using […]