Why you’ll want The Song in your head

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to attend an online screening of The Song, a fantastically REAL film about differing (very differing) needs in marriage. The sweet (and funny!) love story in the first third of the movie was the perfect bait for this romantic and I found myself swept off my feet in […]

Husbands see what wives reveal

This quotation by W. Nigg was said of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, the lady who moves me to constantly return to the idea of simply loving. Loving God, loving Andrew, loving the boys, loving loving loving. Use love as a measuring stick against what you’re thinking and doing and suddenly it’s basic and clear, revealing that […]

You Did It to Me: Extraordinary Service in Ordinary Circumstances

As a theology major, I earned my degree turning thousands of pages of spiritual reading – reflections of saints, papal documents, and biblical exegesis. I remember highlighting quotations that struck me, whole paragraphs of intricate wording that spoke right to my soul. It’s important to continue being a student of the Catholic faith always, reading […]

What’s not to love?

I make no secret of the fact that I’m crazy about my husband. That he’s sweet to me, that he’s hilarious, or that we have a super-high-quality relationship. Andrew and I are the best of friends and he’s my favorite person on the face of the earth for a whole SLEW of reasons. … don’t worry, I […]