How my husband handled my past

Our wedding was a long way off. We were having one of those meaningful conversations that lasted for hours; the kind that changed our whole relationship – our dynamic, our regard for each other, and the very context of how we would work together in the years ahead. We were completely open and honest, baring our souls a […]

Eyes on the Prize – Thoughts on the SCOTUS Ruling

The recent Supreme Court ruling was… eye-widening. I won’t dive into how the SCOTUS can’t legally do what they did, or casually mention that male and female bodies are totally and completely oriented toward “bonding and babies” so no other union participates in God’s plan for creation, or the fact that Facebook has blown up in obnoxious, […]

Financial & Marital Peace radio interview

There’s such a thrill to being the only one awake. It’s 4:30 and I just put the baby back down to sleep. It’s tempting to stay up and start the day in this kind of peace, knowing I’ll be a total zombie by 9 if I do, but Jesus and coffee sustain, right?? I know […]

Financial & Marital Peace

After years of scrimping, countless setbacks, and a handful of slip-ups, Andrew and I recently hit a major financial milestone in our marriage – completing an emergency fund by setting aside enough cash to equate three months of bare-bones expenses. I can hardly articulate the peace and sheer bliss that took over once the last […]

Lent for the Married

Andrew and I were passing ideas back forth – sweets, alcohol, eating between meals. What should we give up for Lent? While I have one or two possibilities floating around, I think I’ll choose my Lenten sacrifices based on God’s will for our marriage, which will undoubtedly yield a fruitful Lent and, I’m hopeful, will […]

The Holy Blaze of Real Romantic Passion

I relish in St. Valentine’s Day – my favorite non-Christmas holiday the whole year long. It’s a spark of warmth in winter’s chill; a day culturally dedicated to romance. With all the hype about V-Day, the upcoming release of 50 Shades, the chase for surfacey romance and infatuation, do we even know what passion is […]

WoWW: What Breaks a Marriage

We are THAT Family is one of my favorite blogs. What Kristen says is not new, but like all biblically based advice on marriage, it bears repeating. And repeating. I’m grateful this was delivered right to my inbox and into my soul. _______________________________________________________ 2 AM. I was wide awake tossing and turning. Terrell asked what was […]

Marital Respect during Pro-Life Month

Happy National Respect Life Month! If there’s any assembly in the world ready to stand for life from conception to natural death, it’s Catholics. We share articles, pray before clinics, and organize events for the noblest of causes. It’s an uphill battle going against societal norms, but one that must be taken on by courageous […]

WoWW: 6 Ways to Build Him Up

Pin it. Print it. Paste it. Whatever – this is something we as wives should maintain at the front of our busy minds. Our husbands need us to be tender, sweet, and loving. They need us to be affirming, their #1 fans, and actively smitten with them. Make your encouragement sincere and your admiration humble. […]