WoW Wednesday: Network etiquette how-tos, When you don’t speak the same love language, & Helping your sweetheart convert

1) Networking Etiquette: Small Talk & Mingling Skills by Diane Gottsman at Verily Magazine Networking etiquette is an art. It takes confidence, refinement, skill, and practice to make a pleasant and lasting impression on a new connection or acquaintance. There has to be some sort of fine line between coming off as an Eager Beaver […]

Five Favorites (vol. 4)

I’m taking Hallie’s cue at Moxie Wife and relishing in life’s delights. Maybe it’s just me, but I think jabbering on and on about what is so great in life is a perfect way to praise God. Delighting in every little blessing lets Him know that I got the hint – He loves me And this […]

WoW Wednesday! The Need for Community, Don’t Compare Yourself to Others, Why Guys Should Consider Tying the Knot, & More!

Erin’s thoughts on Young Families & the Need for Community are reflective and constructive. She’s grateful for the group of friends she and her husband have, not just because they’re great company, but because they’re supportive company. Her post is full of practical tips on how to be a blessing for your friends and acquaintances […]