“Be Yourself My Sanctity”

“But I don’t wanna do Quiet Time,” my 3 year old moaned. 1:30 PM had already passed and I’m quite possessive of our designated silence-all each afternoon. I need the calm. “I know you don’t,” a feeble effort to validate him, “but everyone needs quiet time.” “But I don’t WANT TO!” In our back-and-forth, his […]

All of God’s Grace in One Tiny Face

It was a cold night in the middle of January 2014. In the quiet, I placed our littlest in his crib and felt the familiar, painful yearning – so far unfulfilled, though God’s other blessings were abundant. There in the dark, I knelt at the changing table in the nursery and with clutched, folded hands […]

Knowing My Enemy & Equipping for Battle

The Christian life is a battle and I’m lately learning the importance of knowing one’s enemy. I’ve felt a under attack over the past several months. It feels that every corner I turn, Satan lurks waiting to hiss doubt and selfishness into my ear. Coming most often in the forms of resentment, suspicion, and feelings […]

WoWW: 6 Ways to Build Him Up

Pin it. Print it. Paste it. Whatever – this is something we as wives should maintain at the front of our busy minds. Our husbands need us to be tender, sweet, and loving. They need us to be affirming, their #1 fans, and actively smitten with them. Make your encouragement sincere and your admiration humble. […]

“To Avoid Purgatory, Do As Follows”

Several years ago, I found an worn, old piece of paper folded up in the bottom of a box. Dirty and yellowed with age, it was a photo copy of some unknown book and read at the top, “Chapter 13: TO AVOID PURGATORY, DO AS FOLLOWS.” The information following is too insightful and compelling not […]

The Best Part of Wakin’ Up

I’m a morning person I relish in the blank slate each sunrise presents and, wondering with excitement, I gleefully ask the boys at breakfast, “What do you want to do today?!” Joyful mornings haven’t always been part of my repertoire. In fact, I’m willing to bet that most of the A.M.s of my life have […]

Sharpening My Mommy Brain

It was five years ago that I graduated from college. Two degrees, two minors, a decent GPA and loads of confidence in my wealth of knowledge. I could quote encyclicals, develop syllogisms, explain the statistical probability of a quarter landing on heads, and prove God’s existence all without breaking a sweat or sprouting a gray […]

Lent: Being Pre-Prayered and Sacrificing My Will

So…Lent starts this Wednesday!? Per usual, it totally crept up on me and now I’m scrambling to figure out what to give up. I don’t think the decision has to be made BY WEDNESDAY – I definitely want it to be more meaningful than rushed, though I like the idea of sacrificing something at the […]