Guest Post: Losing the Meaning

by Jessica Rinaudo As a convert to Catholicism there is a lot to learn that cradle Catholics often take for granted. In addition to the prayers (which, fortunately were similar to my original faith tradition), there are many physical actions that the faithful do during Mass that I had to learn. When I first began […]

Angelic Sweetness

I have a spiritual accountability partner (henceforth referred to as SAP). Like many souls, my drive and motivation tend to fluctuate and I can’t tell you how this girl helps keep my heart above water. We check up on each other every few weeks and though our discussion frequently strays from the spiritual to the […]

Life Labored & Laden

Life sure gets busy doesn’t it? We excitedly moved into very own house a year ago in June and since then, we’ve been waiting with bright, hopeful eyes (maybe it’s just been me) for life to settle down and slip into some state of normalcy. Uhh…yeah right. Owning a home, it seems, involves more financial demand […]