Prepare [your soul] for Take-Off

  I’m a chicken. A big one. I need the saints – imperfect people who made it – fought the good fight and live eternally to tell the tale. Their struggles and victories are astounding because they had the wherewithal and humility to accept God’s grace and call to holiness. I love rediscovering St. Francis […]

Verily Magazine – all I can say is FINALLY!

I’m not the first to give laud to Verily Magazine, but praise is more than deserved for this refreshingly REAL publication. Established as a women’s lifestyle mag, Verily stands on its own feet high above its checkout counterparts, Cosmo, People, Seventeen, and the like. What makes it so strikingly different? A simple presentation of honesty […]

Sit down and serve your spouse

In our house, I’m the yard person. I cut the grass, trim the hedges, spruce and primp, and I’m unstoppable with a leaf blower. My childhood Saturdays were spent on the lawn in some way and in spite of how arduous it seemed then, tending the outside is my favorite household chore now. I’m no […]

Frugal February

My favorite bit of wisdom I’ve heard regarding income and being a housewife came from my sister: “Just as it is his role to bring in income, so it is my role to make living as inexpensive as possible.” ____________________________________________________ I was tossing and turning – wide awake much later than the usual bedtime. And I was trying to […]

This & That

I couldn’t think of any one topic I wanted to digest, so here are a bunch of little thoughts:  Daily Ritual I have attained the discipline to become a daily-Masser. Andrew has been just wonderful in helping me achieve the motivation to counter any personal hesitation. On the days when I don’t have the virtue to […]

Dusting Off Ambition

A new post is overdue. I’m a big project starter. I LOVE projects – in school I loved them and now I love them in my home; but when it comes to keeping up with a personal project, I’m typically a lit match: quick to flare up, quick to burn out. For years I’ve maintained […]

To Hear is To Obey

After going a few years without reading it, I picked up The Rule of St. Benedict again last week. I remembered that it has an entire chapter on humility and because I’ve felt so drawn to that particular virtue lately, I wanted to dive in for more. Chapter 7 of The Rule is on humility. […]