Husbands see what wives reveal

This quotation by W. Nigg was said of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, the lady who moves me to constantly return to the idea of simply loving. Loving God, loving Andrew, loving the boys, loving loving loving. Use love as a measuring stick against what you’re thinking and doing and suddenly it’s basic and clear, revealing that […]

This & That

I couldn’t think of any one topic I wanted to digest, so here are a bunch of little thoughts:  Daily Ritual I have attained the discipline to become a daily-Masser. Andrew has been just wonderful in helping me achieve the motivation to counter any personal hesitation. On the days when I don’t have the virtue to […]

Second ½ of the Humble Pie Challenge

All right – here goes the 2nd half of Mother Teresa’s Humility List as applied to married laity (For the first half, see my last post). Again, my thoughts aren’t by any means exhaustive and do not necessarily cover all situations, but I think generally there’s a good thing going here: 9. Accept insults and injuries. No red […]

Humble Pie CHALLENGE Part 1

I hope I get to Heaven. I especially hope that my marriage ultimately furthers my endeavors by way of Andrew drawing me closer to Christ and holiness (so far, so good!). I married Andrew because of who he is and I wanted to contribute to his happiness. I didn’t marry him solely because of what he could do […]

Mother Teresa’s Humble Pie

I’m sentimental. My appreciation for nostalgia is a balanced one now, but when I was a kid I kept everything because of the “meaning” behind it. Homework assignments, feathers from the backyard, stuffed animals I didn’t even like; my room was a mess of clutter and I was proud of everything I had that collected dust. In one of my several […]

WANTED: Friends

Making friends was such a piece of cake in college. If you were down the hall from someone, you could be best friends after a week of leaving for class at the same time. Everyone was unmarried and babyless; and thus free to stay out after midnight. “It’s 1 AM – who wants a double cheeseburger?” I […]

The Essentials

When I was a freshman at Benedictine, my friend Allison and I were discussing what it takes to be “Mrs. Right.” I’m not sure what her source was, but she gave me a list of qualifications that seem to fit the bill.  According to this list, “Mrs. Right” must possess the following: 1)      a strong […]