Reaping Grace from a Generous Sower

Jul 14, 2014 by

______________________________________________________________________   FACT #1: Life is easier when I decide to be happy. FACT #2: Misery abounds when I pick discontentment over joy. I don’t know what my gig was – maybe I felt like the only human trapped in the monkey house,...

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5 Rules for the Romantic Staycation

Jun 25, 2014 by

Our 6th anniversary is comin’ right up! I had big fabulous hopes to leave the kids and get away for a weekend on a gorgeous lake with my gorgeous husband and have a gorgeously lazy time. But the short of it is that we had to buy a new oven instead (how’s that for heating things up??),...

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The Wild Nature of Fatherhood

Jun 9, 2014 by

My most recent column for Shreveport’s Catholic Connection – if a man wants to be manly, he will find plenty of opportunity in fatherhood. Click through for the rest of the article and a {Pin-worthy} graphic perfect for the fridge or your...

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I kicked & screamed my way to Mom’s Nig...

May 14, 2014 by

Me: “Why would I want to pay money to watch the most stressful excerpts of my life on a massive movie screen?” Him: “Because your friends are going.”   I’ll be honest – I didn’t want to see it. I wanted social time, a night away from the house with...

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The Questions Every Mother Answers

May 11, 2014 by

My May article for the Diocese of Shreveport’s Catholic Connection (complete with a Pin-teresting graphic if you read on!) – This job? It’s glorious, humbling, and so so important. Last month I was blessed to see Dr. Meg Meeker speak in Dallas at a conference on money, marriage...

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