How to find a Catholic European wife?

Dating a lady from the other side of the globe for marriage and family is one of the dreams that many men have. However, only a few succeed in their goal to find free mail order brides because of different reasons: some fail to meet and keep their Ms. Right, and others have very strict demands from a woman. Some men want to get a European mail order wife of a certain religious affiliation. Below, you’ll find out how to find a Catholic girlfriend and date her.


Make sure that the belief of the partner is key for you

First of all, don’t rush when trying to imagine your ideal partner. Understand what features they should have to match you and what is important to you in the relationship. You may see that it’s not the Catholic church affiliation itself, but humbleness, honesty, and family values are what you’re craving to see in your girlfriend. If you’re religious and want to meet a wife to attend church together each Sunday and worship God daily, then go for it.

Evaluate whether your current social circle has any Catholic European girls

If you’re actively attending church services and communicating with people from this community, you’ll have no trouble meeting a wife there. However, if you’re living in a rural area or a town, you probably won’t find a European mail order wife among those who go to the same church as you.

Take a look at your friends’ and colleagues’ groups to see whether there are any ways to meet European girls. Maybe they have such friends in their companies and can introduce you to them?

Meet European outside your social bubble

The next step you can take to find a European bride is to widen your social circle. Start going out regularly to see more people, engage in the activities of the community you’re living in, and start traveling. There’s nothing more exciting than meeting new women while exploring places you’ve never been to before, especially in Europe. Consider finding European wives in such Catholic countries as Malta, Andorra, Poland, Croatia, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, etc.

Find an appropriate dating website


In case you prefer using modern technologies instead of spending time traveling and going out to meet people in person, online dating can be a great solution for you. Don’t know where to get started?

  • Do your research regarding the newest European online dating platforms to understand how they work and what they can offer.
  • Compare prices and features. It will help you to save money and get the most out of your online dating experience.
  • Check a few testimonials or virtual guides to these apps to understand how user-friendly they are.
  • Join the one that fits you best. It will take you only a couple of minutes. Tell about yourself so that girls who want to become mail order European wives can find you and understand your personality.

Search for ladies who stated their religious affiliation in their profiles

Using the search engine in a dating app or a special matchmaking tool can help you find your matches pretty well, but you have to remember to indicate religious affiliation in filters. Also, feel free to state in your profile that you’re looking for a Catholic European mail order wife so that women of other religions can pass you by if they are Muslim, agnostic, etc.

Be patient

Online dating is fun, yet if you’re too serious about meeting your wife there or are looking for fast results, you may get frustrated soon. No one knows whether you meet your special one a minute after joining an app or in three months, so being patient and open to new acquaintances is the best thing you can do. Don’t worry if some women seem to be not who you’re looking for at first glance: after all, you need to get to know a person closer before making any decisions, so be cheerful when it comes to chat with girls online.

Make a move once you notice a woman you like

To find a European bride, be active and fast to decide on whether to contact a woman or not: once you see an attractive woman’s profile that matches your bio or appears in search results as per your filters, take action:

  • Put likes on her photos.
  • Text her.
  • Send her an automated sign of attraction (usually, they’re called “winks” or “pokes”) in a messenger.
  • Type her an email.
  • Comment on her status.

All these things will show that you’re interested in a lady and want to get acquainted with them.

Find out how to date a Catholic European mail order wife

Last but not least thing to remember is the dating rules when it comes to building a relationship with a Catholic woman:

  • Don’t be pushy. When talking about intimacy, remember that you should reach a certain level of trust before offering it.
  • Respect her. Being polite and respectful toward her and her family is a must if you want to stay for a long time in her life.
  • Be a man who knows how to create a comfortable environment for the woman. Be it through gifts and flowers or a living space you both will love, helping your girlfriend relax and feel loved is crucial for a happy relationship.

As you can see, finding a European mail order wife isn’t an impossible mission if you’re determined to do that. So don’t wait any longer, take action now, and meet a wife you’ll be over the moon happy with today.