Don’t Be a Fan of the Saints

I own every Garth Brooks album. A fan since the tiny age of 3 when “Friends in Low Places” thrilled country radio, I soaked up and memorized lines from his self-titled release through Man Against the Machine. My parents saw him live when I was 7 and came home with an autographed photo – complete with […]

Frugal February: Practical Tips for the Temptation to $pend

Happy Frugal February everybody! It’s our annual “celebration” of reining in impulses and money in an effort to return to being excellent stewards of our cash. December involves extra shopping anyway, and January almost always has some residual financial looseness from Christmas expenses. Plus, with my birthday just two weeks after Jesus’s, it’s easy to […]

The Dave Ramsey Approach – Good for Any-Sized Family

Crisis Magazine published an article on Friday entitled “Of Dave Ramsey, Babies, and Birth Control” in which contributor Richard Becker asserts that the Dave Ramsey approach to finances “is not for childbearing Catholic couples who take the teaching of the Church seriously.” Basically Becker’s argument, based on a citation from The Dave Ramsey [Radio] Show, […]

WoW Wednesday: Network etiquette how-tos, When you don’t speak the same love language, & Helping your sweetheart convert

1) Networking Etiquette: Small Talk & Mingling Skills by Diane Gottsman at Verily Magazine Networking etiquette is an art. It takes confidence, refinement, skill, and practice to make a pleasant and lasting impression on a new connection or acquaintance. There has to be some sort of fine line between coming off as an Eager Beaver […]

The Return of Frugal February & God’s Advice on Money

And we’re back!! It’s that special time of year when the shock of Christmas spending and January’s financial frivolousness hit like a ton of bricks. Andrew and I are “celebrating” our 2nd Annual Frugal February, the designated month for sticking to a no-frills budget in an effort to kick the newborn habit of extra spending. While […]

Paychecks Decrease 2%: What Happened to My Money?

Bonus post from Dave Ramsey just in time for the twice-a-month pay day: The new year arrived, goals were set, and financial aspirations were locked as you set out to take advantage of your greatest wealth-building tool: your income. That is, until you heard the news. Your salary just got cut by 2%. When you […]

The Daily Grind Leads to Immediate and Eternal Paradise

Ah, an excellent reminder. Gentle enough to compel me, but brief enough to give me the kick in the soul I’ve needed. Lately I’ve made it my mission to avoid idleness online; a vice to which I’m pretty easily prone. It’s like my mind goes on auto-pilot: “Oh, the boys are playing – I’ll check […]

YARD SALE: Making money under the mission

Every six months or so I declare my Semi-Annual PURGE WEEK. I attack every corner and closet over five days, ridding our home of excess and clutter, my mind of unnecessary sentimentality, and I produce an admirable pile of STUFF. We usually donate everything, but this year we had enough to hold our own yard sale with […]