Financial & Marital Peace radio interview

There’s such a thrill to being the only one awake. It’s 4:30 and I just put the baby back down to sleep. It’s tempting to stay up and start the day in this kind of peace, knowing I’ll be a total zombie by 9 if I do, but Jesus and coffee sustain, right?? I know […]

Financial & Marital Peace

After years of scrimping, countless setbacks, and a handful of slip-ups, Andrew and I recently hit a major financial milestone in our marriage – completing an emergency fund by setting aside enough cash to equate three months of bare-bones expenses. I can hardly articulate the peace and sheer bliss that took over once the last […]

Frugal February: Practical Tips for the Temptation to $pend

Happy Frugal February everybody! It’s our annual “celebration” of reining in impulses and money in an effort to return to being excellent stewards of our cash. December involves extra shopping anyway, and January almost always has some residual financial looseness from Christmas expenses. Plus, with my birthday just two weeks after Jesus’s, it’s easy to […]

YARD SALE: Making money under the mission

Every six months or so I declare my Semi-Annual PURGE WEEK. I attack every corner and closet over five days, ridding our home of excess and clutter, my mind of unnecessary sentimentality, and I produce an admirable pile of STUFF. We usually donate everything, but this year we had enough to hold our own yard sale with […]

Frugal February

My favorite bit of wisdom I’ve heard regarding income and being a housewife came from my sister: “Just as it is his role to bring in income, so it is my role to make living as inexpensive as possible.” ____________________________________________________ I was tossing and turning – wide awake much later than the usual bedtime. And I was trying to […]

’tis the season

I’m in the middle of Family Birthday Season – we have 7 birthdays beginning mid-September and ending December 2nd and then Christmas totally comes out of left field. Usually Birthday Season and Christmas take us by financial surprise. While excited and eager to send cards and gifts, the lack of preparation beforehand shocks me into a spending freeze. So yesterday […]