My husband is just the tops. He’s a patient listener, he’s patient with my off-the-wall emotions, he tells me I’m important, and when it comes to supporting our family and doing good work, you just can’t stop him. This man has integrity enough for the whole world and does what’s right. He’s conveniently tall (can’t lose him in a crowd), and terribly dashing in a sweater vest and bow tie with a smirk that could melt butter. Oh, and he’s crazy about our boys and a fantastic dad.

You know what’s fun? Delighting in your spouse. Sure we all know our husbands/wives well enough to rattle off flaws and fester resentment, but that’s so…mainstream. Anybody could do that and people do all. too. often. Our spouses have faults aplenty, but that’s not why we married them, right? We made lifelong vows to them because of that spark. Something about them flipped the switch and made us stark-raving mad for them. Isn’t it time we shout it from the rooftops?

So go ahead – let it out! Tell me all about why your sweetie is the best there is. Take all the space and time you want and let yourself blush out of pure love. A sweet story or litany of irresistible, unforgettable qualities. Post in the combox, on my Facebook page, on Twitter (#tcwlovemyspouse), anywhere you want on the ONE condition that you tell your husband, too. Send a quick email, text, or make his day by calling at work or stopping in for the express purpose of telling him how great he is. I don’t know about you, but that would just make my heart soar!

RESPECT LIFE has to start in the family. And is starts in the family when it starts in the marriage. Respect your spouse by relishing in the good and relinquishing the bad.