This one could be taken a couple of ways –

1) When I call for help (and receive it), I feel held up when I’m weak. Soothed. I feel I can handle the thing that weighs me down. There’s always a degree of vulnerability in asking for a helping hand, and admitting I can’t or don’t do it all can be intimidating. But the relief and gift of relationship from it are a much bigger payout.


2) When we’re on the receiving end of a call for help, then we are the reinforcements. We are the ones believed to be strong and whether we are or not, we will be made so in helping another.

I struggle with both, to be honest. I have a hard time asking for and accepting help from anyone at all, even Andrew sometimes; and on occasion I have a hard time helping others because even when I recognize a need, I don’t know where to start if the person doesn’t voice a specific desire.

Maybe you struggle with one of these, too. Maybe both like me. Or MAYBE you’ve got this whole receiving-and-giving-help scene covered, in which case I bow down, “Teach me your ways, Master!”

Jesus Christ, you had the humility to accept help carrying your cross and the divine ability to help everyone. Give me your strength both when I’m weak and when I’m called upon. Amen.

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