The world shouts too many demands. Be skinny! Be sexy! Spend more! Upgrade! Work out! Slim down! Eat this! Envy that…

And to the world, I’ll never be enough. I won’t be skinny enough, graceful enough, rich enough, fast enough, hip enough. The world doesn’t take me as I am, it sees only what needs improving and criticizes. If holiness is doing God’s will and being God’s girl, the world doesn’t want it.

I’m so grateful the Lord does not share in the world’s sentiments.

God desires me to be one person; the one I am right now. He loves my body the way it is. He loves my marriage where we are – joys and sorrows alike – and our little house overflowing with babies. He gives us the income we need to do the work he calls us to do. He gives us the blessings we need to live the life he made us to live. Like the world he sees what needs improving, but says, “Walk with me, I will love you into healing.”

And it’s enough. And I’m enough. I’m just what God wants me to be. And through that, I will be made holy in his sight.

My dear friend and fellow night owl Sarah provided this beautiful line from St. Therese for me at an hour when no two mamas should be awake. God bless you, girl!! If we were together this morning, we’d be toasting our coffee to the long, tired day ahead.

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