Christian suffering is one of those mysteries I don’t fully understand – the whole idea of joy amid pain is abstract and soulfully deep and it’s especially hard to live.

I’ve been there myself a time or two. My father’s illness and passing, hopelessly low lows in our marriage, anxiety and depression. No sir, suffering is no joy ride. It’s hard to have hope when the heartache doesn’t go away or the tears won’t stop.

But I know that when brought to the feet of Jesus, those tears can be incredibly purifying because they wash the imperfections right out of us if we ask. And how else can we enter the Kingdom of God without a little purification?

Not only can suffering purge our souls of junk, it helps us endure. There’s nothing like physical, spiritual, or emotional pain to make me identify, even just a smidge, with Jesus.

With a dose of perspective, usually one that takes a long time to surface, suffering has only revealed my full dependence on God. Life is just too much without him. Even though walking with the Lord can be pretty terrifying sometimes, I have only known that proverbial joy in the morning regardless of how long it takes to get here.

Take heart, dear soul. Be patient. Jesus desires to receive whatever troubles you and longs for you to bring it to his feet. Placed there with all your tears and anxieties, he’ll draw you into consolation and breathe life.

Extra special thanks to my dear friend Roxanne for relaying this wisdom from St. Colette. You are such a pillar of strength for me, girl!

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