Andrew and I are in the middle of the St. Joseph novena and with each passing day, I’m gaining more hope in Mary’s husband as a leader, provider, and protector of my own family. I feel a pull, an invitation to entrust my worries to him – especially anxieties concerning my marriage and little ones. […]

“Have you written about homeschooling?” she asked. My friend Mary couldn’t see my wince over the phone. I write when I have confidence about my subject, and when it comes to being the actual primary educator of my children, I have none. Not in myself anyway. I’m a full semester plus change into homeschooling our kindergartener and […]

It was late summer. I rushed home from the store at 6:30 AM and dropping a mess of grocery bags on the floor, I flashed a hopeful smile to Andrew before heading straight for the bathroom. Pregnancy test in hand. Approximately 3 minutes later, I emerged with a big grin and a tiny +. A new blessing was on the way. I […]

Happy Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton! The word fierce comes to mind. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was a powerful witness in her work. She was a passion-driven wife, mother, and educator who was able to see and experience at least some of the people she impacted. The Holy Spirit was absolutely upon this woman. […]

It’s been a fantastic year. A new site born from your requests and my leap to take writing more seriously. The launch of my speaking career and vlogs. The announcement of a new book in the works – written by and with a team of amazing fellow Catholic wives. Behind the scenes and in our lives, I […]

Psalm 127:3 says “Children are a heritage from the Lord,” a gift. And what they need more than any toy, gadget, or material possession is our blessing; given through eye contact, an open heart in listening to their concerns great and small, our prayers.  Happy Feast of St. Ambrose! and special thanks to reader Monica for […]

Ignatius Press sent two brand new releases my way and as soon as I opened the package, my 5 1/2  year old was at my side. “Are those new books?! Are they for us? Can I read them?” An already proficient reader (